The Devil in the Details

The Devil in the Details

After 2 years and so many drafts, I finally finished my first novel. I technically finished the last draft a year ago but I let it sit before I made final touches. You can find it through Amazon in print and digital…….


In late 2013 I was ice fishing with my dad when I saw this massive tree just hanging over the ice. I began to wonder what would happen if the tree just fell into the water? On January 1st of 2014 I began to write a story.

Honestly I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I had only written short stories to this prior. The idea of trying to pen up 80,000 words was insane for me. So when I was not writing I was planning. Every free second I had I kept envisioning chapters and building new characters and it all became a confusing mess….then I quit.

Let me backtrack a bit. The previous summer I went through some hell. Tore up some heart strings, had a bit of a mental breakdown, followed by a month bout of Mono that lead to vicodin lucid nightmares…..I was a bit of a mess…on the inside. So fast forward to that winter and all that stress was still eating away at me. Add the novel on top and I fell apart. I quit. I never wanted to write.

In the past I had placed in young authors twice (Disqualified once) and even helped making a script that one critic’s choice at a film fest. I knew all these things but just felt like a broken boy. Any dreams that I had, any love, any trust, or ambition was all just ashes in the air. I felt like a failure….and the only thing i had was whiskey.

Drinking. Now this lead me down a path of destruction and peace. It was an awkward balance and I spent most days with a hangover and most nights I just drank it away. On one of these faithful barstool nights I started chatting with this bartender a couple nights a week. For months I kept my hate all bottled up inside…..and for some reason I told her everything…..Not that it was weird (She told me a lot of stuff too) It was nice to tell someone who didn’t know me on any other level except as a customer. (I think)

She picked me up. Her words were wisdom that I took to heart. (Carpe Magicus) She taught me the definition of perfect and to look at things from a brighter point of view. I took from it to go back to all of that hate and put it in words. After writing it all out…..I was ready to go back to the novel. November 2014 I began a brand new draft. By May 2015 the whole book was written. I let it sit for a bit and went back to it, revised it, then published in on Amazon.

It took me awhile (Mostly because I hate editing) But I got it done. At the same time I read a bunch and wrote a few stories.

I do have some issues with it. Grammar errors. You just can’t find all of those pesky pricks….. Also I did a bad job of separating chapters in the paperback. (I’ll figure it out soon!)

Warning: To anyone who knows me really well…if you find anything in the novel that reflects my real life it is probably a coincidence….or maybe it is not. I honestly don’t fucking remember.

I have a hidden joke in my novel…it’s very dark and so far no one has caught on to it…..if anyone has any guesses…let me know!

Now that I know what I am doing…the next novel will be out much sooner! (Maybe)



(Nick did a great job on this!)

Finding Dory, A life in Review

Finding Dory, A life in Review

Today began like any other day….You toss and turn all night, feeling sick and horrible, with a solid dose of nightmares that rip your innards out, and waking up to an email saying your novel was published. Yeah….just any other day….

The day consisted trying to setup an ad campaign for selling my novel (I was very pissed) I realized that I missed every fucking meal except the dinner I was suppose to go to with family. Throughout the day my phone was blowing up with notifications about my novel, people reposting it and etc. I was am very grateful for all of it, but I am mentally exhausted from it all and want a few days off (I can’t fucking do that) A vacation sounds nice…

All I wanted today was to watch Finding Dory….

After a good dinner at Olive Garden with some of my family, (All the carbs) I met with Andrew and Haley at her house to watch Finding Nemo before we saw Finding Dory. We were just a few 20 somethings sitting in a basement watching Disney movies……

Finding Dory

The film was interesting because it was a mix of a prequel and a sequel. Pixar never ceases to amaze me how strange, funny, and heartwarming they make their films with still a predictable ending. The film was spontaneous (Like Dory)  with the the plot twisting around, with many new and awesome characters joining them. The humor was the best part. It was funnier than the first and was overall more enjoyable. Even the ending credit scene was worth it. Sequels are usually a disaster for films, yet Pixar seems to do a great job with them. (I am talking about Toy Story 3 more so than 2)  I don’t want to spoil anything because it’s so new, just go see it….which I know everyone will do because it’s Pixar. When has Pixar ever failed? (Brave?)

Side Note: I noticed at the theater that it was mostly 20 somethings. No children! So, now I feel better about the Disney movie in a basement comment.

What’s Next: Book stuff, Buffy review, and a heartwarming message about best friends and how it shapes and mold our pathetic existence of life! (Maybe)

Right now….I need to find some food and get myself well rested. Tomorrow is a long day of work followed by some sophisticated socializing with my peers. (Beerfest)